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Angel and Maggie

Angel passed over the Rainbow Bridge Feb. 10, 2005.

Maggie and Jasper

Maggie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge November 25, 2013. Jasper crossed over the Rainbow Bridge March 3, 2015.

Elliot - our forever brother
went over the Rainbow Bridge
December 28, 2011.


 lives with Dorothy, Robert, Chris and Jack Cribbs in Grand Rapids.

Hi Petey and we're glad you're in our family!



 Pearl - our forever sister

Pearl came to our house on June 30, 2010. She went over the Rainbow Bridge on October 31, 2015.



Our Mission

Our mission is to bring smiles to as many faces as possible.

and the spirits of Angel, Elliot, Maggie, Jasper and  Pearl 

About Us

October 31, 2015

Pearl, the Toy Poodle, went over the Rainbow Bridge today. She came to us June 30, 2010. At that time she was our fourth dog. She was always a kind and happy girl. She liked all other animals, four-legged and two-legged. She saw the world as a benevolent and happy place. Part of one of her ears was missing, she only had four teeth and she wore diapers during the day because she just didn’t get it. It was our great good fortune to share some of her life with her. She greatly increased our joy in life. Rest in peace Pearl. (She always told me that her full name was Good Girl Pearl, but it was fine if we just wanted to call her Pearl.) 


Pearl wrote this: sfjenf gspmj]dkm. 
As you can see, Pearl is a little confused. Jasper passed over the Rainbow Bridge March 2, 2015. She will carry on as best she can. She was trying to send blessings to you (I think). Rescued dogs are the best!

We are used dogs (rescues). I, Jasper, am now writing this website. I'm the grey and white shih tzu mix. My sister Pearl is the white toy poodle and she helps me. Maggie was a very bossy girl. When she left in November of 2013, Pearl and I were kind of lost. Now we must make all the decisions. We love you all and hope you will consider taking in a rescued dog, because two dogs are enough for this house right now and lots of dogs need homes! 

Maggie wrote this: 
Angel is the tan and white one. He passed over the Rainbow Bridge in February of 2005. Angel started the website. He was blind, but he learned to touch type when he could still see. Maggie is the black one; she  passed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2013. She used to be the proof reader for Angel and she pushed the shift key for capital letters. If Angel got his paws out of place on the keyboard, Maggie would tell him so it didn't come out all garbled.

In September, 2005, Jasper came to live with us. He is the grey and white dog. He is also a used dog and a shih tzu mix. I am glad to have the company. He came from a shelter in Kentucky and we think he's 12 years old. He only weighs about 12 pounds. He is grown up though. He's not one of those puppies that never takes a break. He uses a dictionary and helps me with the spelling on this website. You can read his blog. He has some interesting ideas! He is a real fast runner and I can't catch him, which is a little irritating. We are really good friends.

On April 10, 2010, Elliot became our forever brother. He was our foster dog but now he is our forever brother! He is older, probably about fourteen, and doesn't run much. He is a good boy. Elliot passed over the Rainbow Bridge in December 2011 and we miss him very much.

On March 25, 2011, Pearl became our forever sister. Part of one of her ears is missing and she only has four teeth, but she is Good Girl Pearl, the Poodle Princess! We think she is about 14 years old.

We live in Olympia Fields, Illinois with Ilene and Bob Waite. 

We hope you like our website.  We are having fun with it.

Love, The spirits of Angel, Maggie, Elliot, Jasper and Pearl.  



by Bill Arvin

We know a lady who wore bell bottom pants around her house and in the yard.
Her neighbors may have wondered was she making a fashion statement?
No, it wasn't that.

Did they think she was a flower child from the 60s, well maybe.
But no it wasn't that either.
In fact, the bells were real, and she would pin them to the bottom of her pants for this reason.
She and her husband had raised a special little dog named Angel, who had become blind later in life.
The bells made it easier for the little proud dog to follow the caring lady as she walked about.

There is now no need for our friend to wear the bells any more ... as her little Angel passed on.
But like most stories, there is a happy ending.

Angel did hear the bells one last time when he received his wings and his sight back forever.



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